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I have been a licensed and registered homoeopath since 1997, when I graduated from The College of Practical Homoeopathy. I am registered with The Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths.



I am also particularly interested in, and so have studied, the use of Flower Essences and nutrition alongside homoeopathic remedies.



I feel that these have added an extra dimension to my practical approach towards helping to alleviate such physical symptoms as arthritis, allergies, asthma, eczema, insomnia, infections, migraines and digestive, hormonal and menstrual disorders as well as emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, grief and stress.


I am currently particularly enjoying helping a group of new          mums and their babies, often visiting them at home, and giving    remedies to help settle colic and so promote more resful sleep    for all the family.....                                                                                    

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